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Great international interest in Norwegian petroleum standard

The drilling standard, NORSOK D-010 Well integrity in drilling and well operations, that was recently launched, has already received considerable attention both nationally and internationally. Standards Norway received 2321 submissions from around the world when the standard was on enquiry.

Macond accident- The release of D-010 is an important milestone related to the industry's efforts to further increase the level of safety in drilling operations after the Macondo accident in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, and I am impressed with the great work that has been done, says Statoil’s Per-Arne Røstadsand. He is the head of Standards Norway’s Petroleum Sectorial Board and represents the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association in the standardization process.

The Macondo accident
The great interest in this standard is not least due to the serious oil and gas blowout accident at the Macondo field in the Gulf of Mexico three years ago. Subsequent investigation reports have concluded that fortunately we do have a robust regulatory and safe operation on the Norwegian continental shelf. Nonetheless, the Macondo accident and follow up afterwards has shown that there is room for further improvements. The Norwegian petroleum industry have addressed this with the release of this standard.

- Well Integrity is an important area of ​​our work, focusing on preventing major accidents. The revision of the D-010 has been essential to the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, partly to reflect the recommendations in our report after the Macondo accident in 2010. It is expected that the revised D-010 will be a strong contribution to continued attention on well integrity and to prevent major accidents, says Director of Safety & Operations, Knut Thorvaldsen in the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.

In 2011, together with the industry, represented by the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, The Federation of Norwegian Industries, Norwegian Shipowners' Association and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, Standards Norway took the initiative to revise the existing Norwegian drilling standards as quickly as possible.

- In the case of D-010, which is the main standard, the industry have put a considerable effort of approx. 6000 volunteer hours into the work, says Managing Director of Standards Norway, Trine Tveter.

Better requirements for barriers to blowout
This NORSOK standard provides guidelines for technical and operational barriers to prevent blowouts in oil and gas wells. It is therefore important to maintain a high level of safety in drilling operations offshore on the Norwegian continental shelf. In the new standard there are additional requirements for reinforced barriers against blowouts?. No other country has made a similar specification for this type of operations, and therefore the international interest is so high.

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Last updated: 2013-12-06