Transport and directions

The offices of Standards Norway, Standard Online AS and Standards Digital are located at Lysaker in Oslo, approx. 6 kilometres from central Oslo.

Lilleakerveien 2A seen from Lilleakerveien
Photo: Standard Norge

You can find us in Lilleakerveien 2A. The main entrance is on the left hand side of the building (the photo is taken from Lilleakerveien, facing west). The main entrance is located at the 3rd floor. Our offices are located at the 7th floor.

Travel from Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport is located 47 kilometres north of Oslo. The fastest and most convenient way to travel is by Flytoget, the Airport Express Train. Take a train bound for Drammen and get off the train at Lysaker station. The ride takes 35 minutes. You may travel without a paper ticket with Flytoget, the Airport Express Train. You will find designated terminals for this at every station, but please remember to swipe your card before entering the train.

It is also possible to travel by local or regional trains from the airport to Lysaker station. Please note that this only applies to trains bound for Skien, Kongsberg or Drammen. The journey takes between 35 and 45 minutes. The fare is lower than if you travel by the Airport Express Train. 

Travel from Oslo city centre

You may travel by bus or tram to Lilleaker, or by bus or train to Lysaker station.

By bus

Choose bus no. 32 bound for Voksen Skog and get off at Lysaker bru (indicated with a B on the map). You can also take one of the buses bound for Fornebu, Snarøya and other destinations in Bærum that stops at Lysaker station. The ride takes approx. 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the route.

By tram

Choose tram line no. 13 bound for Bekkestua and get off at Lilleaker (indicated with a T on the map). The ride takes approx. 20 minutes.

By metro

It is also possible to take metro line 3 in direction Kolsås. Get off at the station Bjørnsletta. Across the road there is a gas station. Follow Hartmanns vei  to the left of the gas station. Follow the road until you reach a road barrier, continue, and the turn left into Guvernørens vei, Follow that street until you reach the Lilleaker tram stop (marked on the map).

By train

You may board most of the local and regional trains heading west from Oslo Central Station or National Theatre station (Nationaltheatret). Get off at Lysaker station. The ride takes approx. 10 minutes. Please note that some of the local trains terminate at Skøyen station, the last station before Lysaker.

Bus and tram fares

Here you can find information on points of sale and pricing.

A one week or one day Oslo travel card is valid for travelling by bus or tram to Lilleaker, and by bus or train to Lysaker station. You can find information about buses, trams and trains on the home page of the local transport company Ruter.

Walking distance from tram, bus and train

The Lysaker bru bus stop is located close to Lilleakerveien 2A.

From the Lilleaker tram stop to Lilleakerveien 2A there is a distance of approx. 700 meters. Please follow the road to Lilleakerveien 2A.

From Lysaker train and bus station please start at the north side of the station, go to the left, turn right at the first possible walkway, pass over the bridge, follow the river in a curve to the right, go straight ahead and turn right when you have reached Lilleakerveien 2A. The walk is approx 400 meters.

The routes from Lilleaker tram stop and Lysaker station are marked with dots on the map.

The dotted line shows the way to Lilleakerveien 2A from Lysaker station, the nearest bus stop and the nearest tram stop.


By car

Westbound (from central Oslo)

Take the E18 and then the Lilleaker exit. Go straight ahead in the first roundabout. In the next roundabout it is possible to turn left and park in the CC Vest main parking area. We have no dedicated parking space for visitors.

Eastbound (from Bærum)

Take the E 18 and then the Ring 3 exit (Granfoss tunnel). Take the Lilleaker exit before you enter the next tunnel. Take the first exit in the roundabout (to the CC Vest shopping centre).


CC Vest has an agreement with Onepark regarding parking regulations. The first three hours are for free, then the fee is NOK 15 per each started 15 minutes periode. For more information, please see posters in the parking area of CC Vest.

CC Vest has dedicated parking spaces for electric cars.

Arriving at Lilleakerveien 2A

The main entrance is on the 3rd floor. When you enter, please do the following:

  • Find the registration screen for guests (straight ahead at the main entrance).
    Find the logo of Standard Norway or Standard Online on the screen.
    Register as directed. (The person responsible for the meeting or the person you are going to visit will be notified by SMS when you have registered).
    Remove the visitor tag from the small printer. It contains, among other information, a QR code.
    Take the elevator to the right at the main entrance up to the 7th floor.
    On the right side of the door there is a card reader. Hold the QR code on the visitor tag in front of the reader and the door will be unlocked. (Use the automatic door opener under the QR reader or open the door manually.)
    You have now arrived at our meeting area. A couple of meeting rooms are on the left hand side, while most of them are on the right hand side. The host of the meeting or the person you are going to visit will meet you in this area.

We remind you that we do not have dedicated parking spaces for guests, otherwise see parking.