Reading tool for standards

When you want to read and look up a standard on our website, you do so using our own reading tool, Standards Viewer. This is a reading tool developed to display the content of a standard in a user-friendly manner.

Based on the format available for a document, the content in the reading tool is displayed either as a web-based HTML view or as a PDF.

Web-based view

For documents available in XML format, the content is displayed as an HTML file. The text adjusts to the size of the reading window, and you can change the font size. You can also navigate through the content using the table of contents, in addition to searching for content. Most documents available in XML format can also be viewed in PDF format.

PDF view

Our reading window can display PDF files without the need to download a separate PDF reader. This allows you to open and read a standard on any device without worrying about the programs the device has. You also have a search option when looking for specific content.


How to buy a standard

Buying standards is easy. This can be done by adding them to a subscription or making a single purchase. Read more about how to buy a standard